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Yes! Crave is coming to you!

How does this work?

  • You place in your order on the delivery day (between 12-3 pm)

  • We deliver to a pickup point around 5:00-6:30 pm

It's that easy!

Just a few more things...

  • limited amount of orders!

  • Minimum order - 150 shekels, delivery fee - 20 shekels.

  • Please note that you can only place your order on the day of the delivery.

  • When you order, make sure to choose "delivery" and to put in your address.

  • Even though you put in your address, we do not come to your home, only to a pick up point.

  • After you order we will contact you with information about the exact time & place for pickup.

  • Don't keep all the fun to yourself - share this with friends!

See you!

Please note: this is a delivery from our restaurant. We are not making the food at your town.

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